9 Best Lowes Garden Hose Reel Guide Review

Best Lowes Garden Hose Reel It offers a large number of the very includes as the Mainland and some that the other hose doesn’t have — like nickel-plated metal couplings — however it commonly costs more, and in our tests it crimped

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1 Jezzluky Metal-Garden-Hose-Reel-Kit Wall Mount +100FT Water Hose

 HOSE STORAGE IS A BREEZE NOW! : Heavy duty garage garden hose reel kit make water hose storage simple and clean! You will not be frustrated with hose mess.

The metal handle with comfortable palm grip allows for a comfortable and effortless retraction of your garden hose to keep neat and tidy. Wall or floor mounted water hose storage rack is very easy to use and reels up quickly and efforestly.

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2 Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle Expandable Garden

 The Flexi Hose expandable garden hose automatically expands to the stated product length – roughly 3 times

extension – with standard pressure when water is turned on and shortens to compact length when the water is turned off. Storing the Flexi Hose is a breeze!

Strong fittings for reliability! Solid 3/4 inch brass connectors ensure the expanding garden water pipe fits the typical outdoor garden taps in the US.

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3 FIILPOW  Retractable Garden Hose Reel

 LOCKED AT ANY LENGTH & SAFETY LOCK: When you pull the hose to a certain length, it will lock automatically, so you don’t have to hold it all the time,

very convenient and labor-saving; by pressing the safety lock on the side panel you can lock the hose during its retraction, providing more safety for children and seniors

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4 Giraffe Retractable Garden Hose Reel

 Easy To Use Tired of repeatedly manually retracting bending or messy hoses? Our easy-to-rewind hose reel provides convenience and safety for users and their families.

Easy To Install The garden hose reel can be mounted on the wall with a bracket and can swivel 180 degrees horizontally to meet the watering needs in different directions. You can also easily remove and store it for the winter.

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5 Suncast Sidetracker Garden Hose

 MOUNTABLE: Ability to mount on fence, side of house, or wall. Ideal for small yards that need extra space!

EASY SET UP: Reel comes full assembled and is ready to go out of the box

CONVENIENT STORAGE: Reel is removeable allowing for quick and easy winter hose storage

EASY REEL: Crank Handle allows for quick and reliable hose winding

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6 Liberty GARDEN 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

 Constructed of non-rust, cast aluminum and feature brass and aluminum plumbing fixtures with a durable powder coat finish that is weather resistant

Easily pull your hose out for use, then rewind for storage, Comes fully assembled

Features a shelf ideal for frequently used garden tools and nozzles, 5-feet of leader hose

Mounting hardware not included

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7 GOFORWILD Garden Hose Holder, Decorative Hose Butler

 Attractive Decoration – Compliments most decor while conveniently storing your hose.

Hose Protection – The saddle arc surface conforms to the characteristics of the hose, the hose is not easy to deform, and the service life is longer.

Free Standing Design – Different with wall mounted hose holder, this free-standing hose stake comes with the total height of 41.3 inches and stable anchor points, provides the hose organizer stronger support and keeps the hose (hose not included) firmly in place, no messy, no dirty, saves space, makes hose organize.

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8 Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose Reel

DURABLE ANY LENGTH LOCK Giraffe hose reel is pre-installed with a 100ft hybrid hose, which can lock at any length as you desired, covers every corner of your garden.

STABLE AUTO REWIND SYSTEM Give the hose a gentle tug, the hose reel will retract automatically back in. The unique retractable & guidance system can roll up the hose neatly without the trouble of kinking and tangling.

HIGH-GRID GARDEN HOSE All weather flexible and abrasion-resistant hybrid hose ensures the hose reel leak-resistant and long-lasting. The 100ft 1/2-in. hose passed the 200PSI pressure test and the 600PSI bursting pressure test.

EASILY ASSEMBLE & DISASSEMBLE Assemble the hose reel on the wall with just the 180-degree rotation bracket and some screws. With the quick-release system, you can also easily lift on the handle to remove the reel for storage.

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9 PinWheel Garden Hose Reel Wall Mount

NO TANGLING OR KNOTTING – The integrated hose guide of the retractable garden hose reel automatically winds back and forth to ensure that the hose can be pulled into the hose reel neatly and evenly every time without tangling or knotting.

TIPS–When you want to retract the hose, please pull the hose slowly, you will hear a “ka” sound in the machine, when you release the hose, it will automatically retract. The longer you pull the hose, the stronger the retracting force.

9 water flow modes can be chosen to fit different usage requirements; the trigger button with integrated lock can be used to adjust the water volume with one hand only making the operation easier and more comfortable; standard 3/4-inch brass fitting is suitable for most household faucets.

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